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Preface Number: 22

Examples of Books in This Category
I have an inventory of well over 10,000 publications of almost every imaginable description and subject. This menu lists a few titles from the general fiction category.

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Book List

  • Number: 22/10
    Title: Broken English
    Author: David Thompson
    Date: 1987
    Description: ISBN 0-8050-0811-X, A suspense about the British royal family, near mint, 189 pages
    Price: $12.50

  • Number: 22/60
    Title: The Sibylline Books
    Author: Toker, Cyril
    Date: 1987
    Description: ISBN 0-9622200-0-0 Soft bound. 345 pages. Written for those have found themselves in the role of patient and for those who become caretakers. Good condition.
    Price: $12.

  • Number: 22/87
    Title: Lake Wobegon Days
    Author: Garrison Keillor
    Description: ISBN 0-670-80514-9, paper cover collection of Keillor's stories, a few illustrations, good condition,
    Price: $21.

  • Number: 22/94
    Title: Island in the Sun
    Author: Alec Waugh
    Date: 1955
    Description: Book club edition, somewaht soiled, otherwise good
    Price: $4.

  • Number: 22/112
    Title: The Silver Chalice
    Author:Thomas B. Costain
    Date: 1952
    Description: Book club edition of the religious novel, 503 pages jacket damaged, book sound.
    Price: $10.

  • Number: 22/122
    Title: The Red Fox
    Author: Anthony Hyde
    Date: 1985
    Description: Sort of spy novel, 307 pages, no jacket, very good condition
    Price: $4

  • Number: 22/135
    Title: The Freeholder
    Author: Joe David Brown
    Date: 1939
    Description: Depression era novel, yellowing, no jacket, good condition
    Price: $7.

  • Number: 22/170
    Title: Anne Of Green Gables
    Author: L.M. Montgomery, Illustrated by Lauren Mills
    Date: 1989
    Description: ISBN 0-87923-783-X, the Canadian classic, nicely illustrated in color and black and white, almost mint.
    Price: $20.

  • Number: 22/ 172
    Title: The Hurricane Years
    Author: Cameron Hawley
    Date: 1968
    Description: Book club edition novel, 569 pages, near mint condition
    Price: $10 +$4 shipping

  • Number: 22/179
    Title: Blow Fly
    Author: Patricia Cornwell
    Date: 2003
    Description: ISBN 0-399-15089-7, a novel, 385 pages, almost mint.
    Price: $4.

  • Number: 22/180
    Title: Countdown
    Author: Iris Johansen
    Date: 2005
    Description: ISBN 0-553-80342-5, a best selling novel, 403 pages, good condition except jacket defaced with a sticker.
    Price: $5.

  • Number: 22/230
    Title: Primary Colors
    Author: "Anonymous"
    Date: 1996
    Description: ISBN 0-679-44859-4 "a novel of Politics," 366 pages near mint except jacket slightly spotted.
    Price: $15.

  • Number: 22/238
    Title: British Literature / from Beowulf to Sheridan
    Author: Hazelton Spencer (editor)
    Date: 1962
    Description: A heavy book with some interesting illustrations, 992 pages good condition except spine spotted
    Price: $12. + $5 shipping

  • Number: 22/251
    Title: The Propheteers
    Author: Max Apple
    Date: 1987
    Description: ISBN0-06-096158-9, paperback humerous novel, very good condition
    Price: $4.

  • Number: 22/258
    Title: The Fighting Captain and Other Stories
    Author: William Heyliger
    Date: 1926
    Description: Withdrawn from library, hardcover 265 pages somewhat soiled
    Price: $5.

  • Number: 22/259
    Title: Best Known Works fo James Fenimore Cooper
    Author: James Fenimore Cooper
    Date: 1942
    Description: Blue Ribbon Books, 546 pages, good condition, somewhat soiled
    Price: $4.

  • Number: 22/278 (2 copies available)
    Title: Asylum for the Queen
    Author: Mildred Jordan
    Date: 1948
    Description: Hardcover, 409 pages, good condition, but no jacket
    Price: $ 6.

  • Number: 22/279
    Title: Dance With the Devil
    Author: Kirk Douglas (actor)
    Date: 1990
    Description: Douglas' second novel, very good condition jacket slightly rubbed
    Price: $6.

  • Number: 22/389
    Title: The Prince of India
    Author: Lew Wallace
    Date: 1893
    Description: Small hardcover, press board 2 volume set, very good condition
    Price: $60.

  • Number: 22/394
    Title: Dragon on a Pedestal, High School Hookers, A Day No Pigs Would Die, Babbit
    Date: 1983, 1976, 1972, 1961
    Price: $2.50 each

  • Title: The Talisman
    Author: Steven King and Peter Straub
    Date: 1984
    Description: ISBN 0-670-69199-2, hardcover, 646 pages, good condition except jacket defaced
    Price: $14.

  • Number:22/420
    Title: Prizzi's Family
    Author: Richard Condon
    Date: 1986
    Description: ISBN 0-399-13210-4, good condition except jacket defaced
    Price: $16.

  • Number: 22/429
    Title: Tails of Edgar Allen Poe
    Author: Edgar Allen Poe, illustrations by Fritz Eichenberg
    Date: 1944
    Description: 562 page collection of Poe's short stories including "Fall of the House of Usher," the "Purloined Letter" and the "Gold Bug"
    Price: $19.

  • Number: 22/440
    Title: The Damnation of Theron Ware
    Author: Harold Frederic
    Date: 1960
    Description: ISBN 0-03-010200-6, papercover, 349 pages, good condition
    Price: $7.50

  • Number: 22/451
    Title: Morning, Noon and Night
    Author: Sidney Sheldon
    Date: 1995
    Description: ISBN 0-688-08492-3, 373 pages, very good condition except back of jacket defaced with price sticker
    Price: $15.

  • Number: 22/517
    Title: Darkness at Noon
    Author: Arthur R. Koestler (translated by Daphne Hardy)
    Date: 1941
    Description: Historical novel based on Russian trials, war prapaganda, good condition.
    Price: $30

  • Number: 22/518
    Title: Son of Monte Cristo, Donte-Cristo' Daughter, Edmond Dantes (3 volumes)
    Author: Alexnder Dumas
    Date: circa 1905
    Description: Hard cover volumes from a set, pages yellowing and getting brittle, cover soiled
    Price: $8. each

  • Number: 22/598
    Title: Queen Hortense (volume 12 of an 18 volume set)
    Author: Louise Muhlbach
    Description: Hard cover, 383 pages, aging and yellowing, spine somewhat worn, good
    Price: $4.

  • Number: 22/000018
    Title: Virgin
    Author: James Patterson
    Date: 1980
    Description: McGraw Hill Book Company. Hard cover. Good condition. The cover is soiled with wear at the spine.
    Price: $3.00

  • Number: 22/000028
    Title: Little Women
    Author: Louisa May Alcott
    Date: 1978
    Description: ISBN: 0020412304. Paperback. Illustrated by McIntyre. Collier Books, New York. Good condition.
    Price: $2.50

  • Number: 22/000041
    Title: A Midsummer Night's Dream
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Date: 1969
    Description: USBN: 671-45723-3. Simon & Schuster. Paperback. Fair condition. Cover is torn and spine is damaged but intact. All pages intact. Good as a reading copy.
    Price: $1.50

  • Number: 22/000039
    Title: Doings of a Dear Little Couple
    Author: Mary D. Brine
    Date: 1900
    Description: Henry Altemus Company. Twenty black and white illustrations, bright and intact. Text is tight. Flyleaf is slightly damaged. The illustrated front cover is somewhat soiled and worn at the edges. The front flyleaf is inscribed with the names of three previous owners.
    Price: $26.00

  • Number: 22/000031
    Title: Leila
    Author: J.P. Donleavy
    Date: 1983, Galley Proof
    Description: ISBN: 0385292600. Delacorte Press. Good condition. The Future Adventures in the Destinies of Darcy Dancer, Gentleman. Bound, regrettably uncorrected publisher's galley proof. Soiled. Text apparently unread. Without publisher's notations. Signature inside front cover.
    Price: $20.00

  • Number: 22/000030
    Title: The Jungle
    Author: Upton Sinclair
    Date: 1980
    Description: ISBN: 0451515048. Paperback. Fair condition. Cover is damaged and owner's signature appears on the title page. Some soiling and inck marks on back cover. Good reading copy.
    Price: $3.00

  • Number: 22/00029
    Title: Pygmalion
    Author: Bernard Shaw
    Date: 1964
    Description: Penguin Books. Paperback. Good condition.
    Price: $2.00

  • Number: 22/000155
    Title: Garden of Lies
    Author: Eileen Goudge
    Date: 1990
    Description: ISBN: 0-451-16291-9. Paperback. Fair condition.
    Price: $2.00

  • Number: 22/000179
    Title: J.B.
    Author: Archibald MacLeish
    Date: 1958
    Description: Fireside Theatre. Hard cover. Very good condition. Script of a play in verse. Illustrated. Previous owner's name stamped inside.
    Price: $15.00

  • Number: 22/000075
    Title: A Christmas Carol
    Author: Charles Dickens
    Date: 1938, First Edition
    Description: John C. Winston Co. Very good condition. Introduction by Lionel Barrymore. Illustrations by Everett Shinn are sharp and bright. Marginal decorations. A facsimile of Dicken's manuscript serves as the frontispiece. Spine is slightly discolored. Cover is slightly discolored.
    Price: $60.00

  • Number: 22/000178
    Title: Typists and the Tiger
    Author: Murray Schisgal
    Date: 1963
    Description: Fireside Theatre. Hard cover. The script of a play apparently performed on Broadway. Fine Condition.
    Price: $12.50

  • Number: 22/000177
    Title: Night of the Iguana
    Author: Tennessee Williams
    Date: c1960
    Description: Fireside Theatre. Harc cover. Good condition. Front cover and jacket are somewhat defaced. Script of a play. Contains a program from a performance.
    Price: $12.50

  • Number: 22/000165
    Title: Banner In The Sky
    Author: James Ramsey Ullman
    Date: 1967
    Description: ISBN: 0-671-44235-X. Pocket Books. Paperback. A mountaineering book of the kind at one time marketed to scourts. Cover is in poor condition. Contents are good.
    Price: $4.00

  • Number: 22/000096
    Title: The Complete Short Stories of Guy De Maupassant
    Author: Guy De Maupassant
    Date: 1903
    Description: P.F. Collier & Son. Good condition. "Ten Volumes in One." Rarely seen today, a collection of Maupassant's sometimes pithy short stories. 1003 pages. Cover is worn. Contents are sound.
    Price: $25.00

  • Number: 22/000163
    Title: Black Moon
    Author: Winston Graham
    Date: 1978
    Description: ISBN: 0-345-27735-X. Paperback. The Poldark Saga.
    Price: $2.00

  • Number: 22/000093
    Title: Bad Girls
    Author: Cynthia Voigt
    Date: 1996
    Description: ISBN: 0-590-60134-2. X-library. Scholasti, Inc. Very good condition. Jacket is enclosed in plastic.
    Price: 4.00

  • Number: 22/000156
    Title: Mohammed Ali and His House
    Author: L. Muhlbach
    Date: 1905
    Description: A.L. Fowle. Original cloth. A historical romance. A middle-eastern saga pouplar at the turn of the 20th century. Inside of the front cover defaced in pencil. Cover well-worn. Nicely illustrated.
    Price: $17.00

  • Number: 22/000106
    Title: Fear Street
    Author: R.L. Stine
    Date: 1998
    Description: ISBN: 0-671-02304-7. Pocket Books. Paperback. This is a spooky-house, frightening women's novel.
    Price: $5.00

  • Number: 22/000105
    Title: The Mask
    Author: Dean Koontz
    Date: 1988
    Description: ISBN: 0-425-12758-3. Berkley Books. Paperback. Good condition.

  • Number: 22/000140
    Title: Captain Barney
    Author: Jan Westcott
    Date: 1951
    Description: Library of Congress No: 51-12010. Crown Publishers. Book Club editin. Fiar condition. A historical novel. Jacket is torn at the edges.
    Price: $2.50

  • Number: 22/000044
    Title: Watership Down
    Author: Richard Adams
    Date: 1975, First Edition
    Description: Avon Books. Paperback. Pages are yellowed. Cover is yellowed and stained around the edges and a bit worn.
    Price: $7.00

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