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I have an inventory of well over 10,000 publications of almost every imaginable description and subject. This menu lists a few titles from the homemaking books, craft and sewing books category.

Make your choices and place your orders. If you have any questions or if you don't see the title you want,

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Book List

  • Number: 15/30
    Title: Stich By Stitch (Volume 1)
    Author: None
    Date: 1984
    Description: ISBN 0-920269-01-X, A knitting instruction book, hard cover, no jacket, 128 pages, richly color illustrated, good condition.
    Price: $15.

  • Number: 28/40
    Title: Singer Sewing Book
    Author: Picken, Mary Brooks
    Date: 1949
    Description: Hardbound, End paper is torn with about half the page missing and inside of front cover is inscribed giving the book as a birthday present in 1950. Heavily illustrated with both color photos and black/white illustrations. Overall condition is good.
    Price: $35. + $4. shipping.

  • Number: 28/50
    Title: Can This Marriage Be Saved? (From Ladies' Home Journal)
    Author: Rosen, Margery D. and Editors of Ladies Home Journal
    Date: 1994
    Description: ISBN 1-56305-628-3 Paper bound. Real-life cases. 340 pages. Very good condition.
    Price: $10.

  • Number: 28/56
    Title: A Doctor's Marital Guide For Patients and Personal Understanding of Marriage
    Author: Greenblat, Bernard, Rutherford, Jean J.
    Date: 1965
    Description: Two booklets bound together in a vinyl binding for use in a doctor's office waiting room. Booklets are in good condition.
    Price: $8.00

  • Number: 28/90
    Title: Ten Stupid Things Women do to Mess Up Their Lives
    Author: Laura Schlessinger
    Date: 1995
    Description: ISBN 0-06-097649-7, paper cover guide for women in midlife regrets, 232 pages, good condition.
    Price: $9.

  • Number: 28/108
    Title: Warp and Weave
    Author: Robert Leclerc
    Date: 1971
    Description: Slim, Paper cover instruction booklet explaining the restful "Art of Queens," 80 pages, illustrated, good condition. 2 copies available
    Price: $4. each copy

    I also have 2 weaving looms available for sale, a floor model for $400 and a small, table version for $80, emai me!

  • Number: 28/116
    Title: The Art of Drying Plants and Flowers
    Author: Mabel Squires
    Date: 1958
    Description: An illustrated hard cover guide to pressing flowers, 258 pages, jacket is plastic, good condition
    Price: $12.

  • Number: 28/188
    Title: The Woman's Day Book of Beauty, Health and Fitness ints
    Author: Gold, Sharon
    Date: 1980
    Description: Hardbound. Dustjacket. Book club edition with 72 drawings. DJ is worn. Book is in good condition. 209 pages.
    Price: $3.

  • Number: 28/264
    Title: My Favorite Things
    Author: Dorothy F. Rodgers
    Date: 1967
    Description: LC# 64-22105, an illustrated oversized book about decorating, 281 pages, good condition
    Price: $30. + $5 shipping

  • Number: 28/269
    Title: Sewing Made Easy
    Author: Dorothy Sara, revisions by Irene Gora
    Date: 1969
    Description: LC# 68-22532, a detailed seamstress guide illustrated with drawings, very 1960s, 394 pages very good condition except back of jacket somewhat torn
    Price: $12.50

  • Number: 28/473
    Title: Foxfire 2
    Author: Eliot Wigginton editor
    Date: 1973
    Description: ISBN 0-385-02267-0, 410 pages, illustrated, slightly water staines otherwise good condition, a classic of the back-to-the-earth.
    Price: $12.

  • Number: 28/532
    Title: Stamp-A-Christmas
    Author: Judy Ritchie, Kate Schmidt, Jamie Kilmartin, (stamp designs by Judy Pelikan)
    Date: 1995
    Description: ISBN 0-88363-895-9, 184 pahes, small format, illustrated, very good condition
    Price: $4.

  • Number: 28/534
    Title: Polly Prindle's American Patchwork Quilts
    Author: Alice Gammell
    Date: 1981
    Description: ISBN 0-448-12181-6, 262 pages, well illustrated with drawings and color photographs, very good condition
    Price: $11.

  • Number: 15/589
    Title: Good Househeeping New Complete book of Needlecraft
    Author: Vera P. Guild
    Date: 1971
    Description: ISBN 0-87851-002-8, 548 pages, illustrated with photos and drawings, jacket torn and worn, otherwise very good condition
    Price: $18.

  • Number: 15/000169
    Title: Day Care Book
    Author: Vicki Breibart
    Date: 1974, First Edition
    Description: ISBN: 349-70627-7. Illustrated by Marcia Salo Rizzi. Alfred A. Knopf. Paper Cover. Good condition. The Why, What and How of Community Day Care. An early instructional book from the beginning of the day care movement when mothers and feminists spent their efforts escaping from children and home. Well-illustrated.
    Price: $10.00

  • Number:
    Price: $

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