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Military Book List
Preface Number: 35

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I have an inventory of well over 10,000 publications of almost every imaginable description and subject. This menu lists a few titles from the military books, documents, buttons, patches and clothing category.

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Book List

  • Number: 35/15
    Title: Wing Leader
    Author: "Johnnie" Johnson
    Date: 1956
    Description: The Reprint Society edition of a World War II memour of an RAF flyer, illistrated, 320 pages, very good condition, jacker somewhat soiled.
    Price: $27.50

  • Number: 35/65
    Title: Propaganda, The Art of Persuasion: World War II, An Allied and Axis Visual Record, 1933-1945
    Author: Rhodes, Anthony
    Date: 1987
    Description: ISBN 1-55521-171-2 Hardbound, dustjacket. Heavily illustrated. Very good condition.
    Price: $45.

  • Number: 35/81
    Title: Bravo TWO Zero
    Author: Andy McNab
    Date: 1993
    Description: ISBN 0-440-21880-2, Paperback, "harrowing true story of a special forces patrol behind the lines in Iraq." Illustrated, good condition.
    Price: $8.

  • Number: 35/583
    Title: Patton
    Author: Ira Peck
    Date: 1970
    Description: paper cover, illustrated, 143 pages, front cover slightly defaced
    Price: $3.

  • Number: 35/000002
    Title: The Atlantic Liners 1925-70
    Author: Frederick Emmons
    Date: 1972
    Description: ISBN: 0-517-209837. Very good condition. Original book jacket has been protected with a plastic cover.
    Price: $9.00

  • Number: 35/000004
    Title: At Dawn We Slept.
    Author: Gordon W. Prange
    Date: 1983
    Description: ISBN: 0140064559. Soft cover. Very good condition. A definitive history of the attack on Pearl Harbor with a few illustrations. Penguin Books.
    Price: $15.95

  • Number: 35/000006
    Title: The End of the Line
    Author: Robert Pisor
    Date: 1982
    Description: W.W. Norton & Company book club edition. Hard cover. Very good condition. The Siege of Khe Sanh. Includes index.
    Price: $4.50

  • Number: 35/000007
    Title: The Admiral
    Author: Martin Dibner
    Date: 1967
    Description: Doubleday and Company book club edition. Good condition. A novel of a World War II naval officer. By the author of Deep Six.
    Price: $7.00

  • Number: 35/000008
    Title: Pursuit
    Author: Ludovic Kennedy
    Date: 1974
    Description: ISBN: 670583146. Viking Press. Hard cover x-library good. Good condition. the chase and sinking of the battleship Bismarck. 35 photographic illustrations. A catalog of sources and index. Defaced with library markings.
    Price: $7.50

  • Number: 35/000011
    Title: Man Who Won the Battle of Britian
    Author: Robert Wright
    Date: 1969
    Description: ISBN: 70108130. Charles Scribner's Sons. hard cover. x-library. Good condition. Defaced with library markings. Has index. Few pages defaced with stains. Good reading copy.
    Price: $5.00

  • Number: 35/000012
    Title: Ships 'Seventy
    Author: David Parsons
    Date: 1970
    Description: ISBN: 668020814. Arco Publishing Company. hard cover. Good condition. Heavily illustrated with photographs of ships. Original owner covered dust jacket with mylar.
    Price: $9.00

  • Number: 35/000013
    Title: Road to Pearl Harbor: 1941
    Author: Richard Collier
    Date: 1981, First Edition
    Description: ISBN: 0689111541. Good condition. Hard cover. DJ and one interior page defaced by original owner's library seal, apparently a relative of the author. Several photographic illustrations, bibliography and index.
    Price: $10.00

  • Number: 35/000022
    Title: U.S. Marines and Amphibious War
    Author: Jeter A. Isely and Philip A. Crowl
    Date: 1951
    Description: Princeton University Press. Cloth cover. Good condition. The Theory and Practice of the War in the Pacific. Book is in good condition but the dust jacket is a mess. Appears to be unread. Illustrated with a few maps and has an index and bibliography.
    Price: $15.00

  • Number: 35/000033
    Title: Days of Darkness: The Gettysburg Civilians
    Author: William G. Williams
    Date: 1986, First Edition
    Description: ISBN: 0932751059. Beidel Printing House, Inc., Shippensburg, PA. Signed by the Author. Very good condition. Nearly mint. Newspaper review of the author has been pasted on the inside of the front cover and the flyleaf. Dated and autographed by the author. Two slight tears on the back of the jacket.
    Price: $33.00

  • Number: 35/000065
    Title: Jane's Aviation Review - 4th Year of Issue
    Author: Michael J.H. Taylor
    Description: ISBN: 07106-0333-9. Jane's Publishing Inc. Hard cover. Very Good condition. On the half title page, there is an emobssing seal of the previous owner.
    Price: $18.00

  • Number: 35/000064
    Title: Cargo Carriers of the Great Lakes
    Author: Jacques Lesstrang
    Date: 1981
    Description: ISBN: 0-517-35062-9. American Legacy Press. Very good condition. Dust jacket is covered with acetate wrap. Bookplate on the flyleaf with the previous owner's name.
    Price: $20.00

  • Number: 35/000171
    Title: Washington During War Time
    Author: Marcus Benjamin (Editor)
    Date: c1875
    Description: National Tribune Co., Washington, DC. Paper cover. A series of papers showing the military, political and social phases during 1861-1865. Official souvenir of the 36th annual encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic. A paper back commemorative book. Paper cover is soiled. Illustrated with woodcuts. An important, albeit limited, history of the civil war. Spine torn.
    Price: $17.50

  • Number: 35/000137
    Title: Irish Gold
    Author: Pamela Hinkson
    Date: 1947, 2nd Printing
    Description: Decorative cloth cover. "This edition of Irish Gold is dedicated to the Irish Volunteers, 1939-1945 and their comrades of Irish race from everywhere." These were English collaborators of Irish extraction. Cover imperfect. Slightly soiled.
    Price: $40.00

  • Number: 35/000138
    Title: Production Control
    Author: Lawrence Bethel
    Date: 1942, First Edition
    Description: McGraw-Hill Book Co. Cloth cover. A guide to war time production of the regulated economy of World War II. First few pages have been damp. A name is written on the back flyleaf. The cover is somewhat soiled. Scarce.
    Price: $6.00

  • Number: 35/000069
    Title: A Colby Book About Submarine Men and Ships of the U.S. Submarine Fleet
    Author: C.B. Colgy
    Date: 1953
    Description:ISBN: GB-698-30342-3. Coward, McCann and Geoghegan, Inc. Hard cover. Good condition. 45 pages. Slender book of maritime photographs. Childrens book.
    Price: $12.00

  • Number: 35/000074
    Title: John Bell Hood and the War for Southern Independence
    Author: Richard M. McMurry
    Date: 1982, First Edition
    Description: ISBN: 0-8131-1457-8. University Press of Kentucky. Cloth cover. Appears to be in unread condition.
    Price: $35.00

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