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I Offer Over 10,000 Publications
Booklets - Magazines - Manuals
Illustrated - Children's
Fiction - History - Military
Occult - Erotica - Documents
Brochures - Newspapers
Advertising - Automotive
Manuscripts - Albums
Postcards - Posters - Scrapbooks
Everything In Paper

If You don't see it, Ask for It!
Or Search For It With My Google Search Engine.

Rebecca Feigley
Box 15541
Harrisburg, PA 17105
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I Offer 2 sizes
$100 and $200
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If You don't see it, Ask for It!
Or Search For It With My Google Search Engine.

My Bargain Priced
Art - POSTERS - Pictures

I have many thousands of Prints and related graphics, both framed and unframed. I also do framing. My very diverse inventory includes:

    • art
    • paintings
    • drawings
    • antique photographs
    • vintage maps
    • advertising
    • postcards
    • posters
    • albums
    • prisoner art
    • scans of old photos
    • scrapbooks
    • certificates
    • documents
    • and MUCH more

Offering pictures online is difficult. Gererally the images don't really fit the scanners. The computer process greatly changes how the picture actually appears. It's very difficult for a client to judge size, proportions, color and most of all, condition.

For these reasons, all the pictures I sell, except for postcards, I offer ON APPROVAL. I allow the client to inspect the material personally before the sale is final. You may come to my place of business (such as it is) or, more commonly, I'll send the graphic to you for inspection.

You'll send full payment with your order. I will not cash your check or otherwise negotiate the payment for 7 days. If you're not satisfied, you inform me by email. Return the picture in the condition in which you received it. I instantly return your uncashed check.

Postcards are sold outright, but satisfaction is still guaranteed. I guarantee that every thing I sell is as I represent it to be. Notify me of any dissatisfaction.

It's impossible for me to list and/or to show more than a very few pieces. My inventory is too large and web space is much too small. I've tried to show only a few representative examples from each general catagory.

Email your specific interests to me. I'll promptly respond with offers, descriptions and scanned images of material I believe may interest you. You may also phone, if you like, but I don't accept collect calls.

Please Examine the
partial listing which follows.

Snail-mail your orders to me at:

Rebecca Feigley
Box 15541
Harrisburg, PA 17105

Include payment with your order.

Glossary and Price Guide
For Antique Photographs

Photographers - Cameras - Equipment
An authoritative guide to the values of old and vintage photographs.
Inexpensive and Expert Appraisals
of Old Photos and Photo Equipment.
Send your want-list.
I'll answer with what I have to offer in your area of interest.
Rebecca Feigley
Box 15541
Harrisburg, PA 17105

"We shouldn't trust Writers
but we should read them,"
Ian McEwan, 1990

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